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Ep. 124 & 125 - Social Media & Marriage with Meredith Boggs

This week I’m chatting with Meredith Boggs about social media and our homes.

Meredith is a speaker, writer, podcaster and blogger who focuses on "The Other Half" -- in her words, "real life that doesn’t make the highlight reel."

On these episodes call, we’re discussing…

  1. Simple changes that help you to be present with your husband and family when home

  2. Whether we can really “win” over the media giants that are trying to capture our attention

  3. How to get out of compare and despair when we see our peer’s lives online

  4. How to maintain real, authentic relationships in a social media world

Please let us know what YOUR systems and strategies are! If you're on Instagram, tag Meredith @meredithwboggs and me @firstyearmarried so we can continue the discussion!

More from Meredith:

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