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The First Year Married Course is Now Free for Newlyweds

How to Glow is our business but it’s also our mission– our mission to support strong, happy Jewish homes from the very beginning. And to do that, we want to get this material into the hands of every newlywed. So if you’re in your first 6 months of marriage, or know someone who is, get started by answering the question in the video here:

The First Year
Married Course

This is not your typical shalom bayis class.

Over the next six weeks, you’ll be learning new ways of looking at your marriage, at men, and at love. I am so happy to have you in the course and to get to share this material with you.


Master Your Mind

This is where you’ll learn the main tool that will shift your entire experience of your relationship and help you harness the good to make it even better.


Shana Rishona

In this class you’ll be learning how to design your first year of marriage (“shana rishona”) to maximize the potential of this time and build a solid foundation to your home.


Beliefs & a New Model

You’ve been observing your thoughts and the results they are creating, now is the fun part where we deal with the question, “What if I don’t like what my brain keeps telling me?”


But His Socks Are Still on The Floor

In this class, you’re going to get some major lightbulb moments about what makes your husband DO all that STUFF that drives you crazy!


Love It All Up

This week’s class is all about intimacy and unconditional love.
Like myself and many others who have taken this course, I hope you will find this material mind-changing and life-changing.



Bringing it back to thought work, we learn some new information that will give us a new perspective on a very common feeling in many relationships… resentment.Like myself and many others who have taken this course, I hope you will find this material mind-changing and life-changing.

I function differently after learning the material you’ve taught. I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life not knowing all this!
I see what a difference it feels like to be in my brain now compared to when we first started, and it’s amazing. You’re right, you can’t ‘unlearn’ this stuff! I hope iyH to take this awareness with me wherever I go, and to only keep growing from it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

FAQ for The First Year Married Course

Here are some commonly asked questions. 

If you have other questions do not hesitate to be in touch.

How Do I Qualify?

You must be a newlywed in your first 6 months and have sent us a picture of your wedding invitation with the date. It’s that easy!

I'm happily married--do I still need this course?

This course is about having the best marriage possible. For some women, that means dealing with some bigger struggles, and for others it’s more fine-tuning. With that said, sometimes it’s not the marriage itself but everything else that shifts– work or the in-laws or money–that you would like to work on. If the material is resonating with you and you are excited to invest in your marriage, I recommend you sign up.

Does my enrollment include my husband?

There is something very powerful about working on your marriage on your own–it allows you to see your own behavior and reality in a new way, which is why this is not designed to be a couples’ program. With that said, many women have found it beneficial to share the worksheets with their husbands because they were so excited about the material.

Is this course only for Orthodox Jewish women?

This course was inspired by the Jewish idea of “shana rishona” and I have a tendency to quote some pretty awesome Rabbis from time to time. However, the content of the course is based primarily on my experience with my clients, thought work from my training under Brooke Castillo, training at the Refuah Institute, and many marriage courses and books I have taken and studied over the years. We have a broad range of backgrounds but as I am an Orthodox Jewish woman, this will always be my strongest point of reference and a large portion of the participants are also frum women. One other point on this… This material is here to help you with your OWN values and priorities, so I won’t be telling you how you should act or what the role of a wife is. (Nor is there any halacha–this is not a kallah class.) That is entirely individual and will vary from person to person. This course is about helping you to become the wife you want to be, and have the best possible marriage. On your terms, not mine. Make sense?

Can I get this course as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! When you go to sign up, just put in her name and email. I also recommend shooting her an email to make sure she got it. I hope we have a more streamlined option in the pipeline, but this has been working fine for everyone! If you have any trouble, you can always email me at

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