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Hi, I'm Kayla

I help Jewish women love their marriages more. 

I'd love to help you too. Let's get started.

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My Mission

Why I started First Year Married

As a child of divorced parents, I was committed to doing whatever I needed to do to make my marriage work, in fact, I wanted to make it exceptional. My mission is to provide every Jewish newlywed with access to what I discovered: paradigm shifts and self-coaching tools that allow you to have an immediate new experience of your marriage and meaningful insight into yourself. 

Three ways to get started


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With over 300,000 downloads, The How to Glow Podcast is the go-to resource for Jewish women looking for weekly inspiration and valuable information to improve their marriages. Get the podcast on WhatsappApple PodcastsSpotify, or your favorite podcast player.

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Join the Glow Community

For only $49/mo you’ll get live coaching and work directly with me in a community of growth-oriented married Jewish women.  Included  are monthly inspiration topic calls and troubleshooting. Growth that’s overwhelm-proof.  Click here for more details.


Get Free Resources

Don’t get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to improve your marriage. I’ve created a mini-workbook to help you decide exactly what to focus on first. Access your workbook here.  Newly married? I’ve got a special gift for you. Get access to First Year Married for free!

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Why Jewish women love the community:

"I was able to take complete control of my own thoughts & happiness. "

"Before I took this course I was not in a good place in my brand new marriage. I was struggling with the thought that if my first three months of marriage was so hard, the rest of my life was going to be miserable. After taking this course I learned that I should challenge my beliefs and control my own emotions. I learned how men think differently than women and that it a beautiful thing. I was able to take complete control of my own thoughts and happiness. I approached my marriage differently and tried to understand my husband on a better level. This not only improved my own happiness in my marriage, but my husband's as well. I can now gladly say that I look forward to a happy and healthy marriage."


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