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Ep. 126 - Managing Your Emotions

Lots of announcements this week but I'm also really excited to share this skill with you.


#1: The podcast name is changing -- so keep your eyes out next week for How to Glow! This new name reflects a change in my focus--to serve Jewish married women of all ages and stages.

#2: The How to Glow Membership coaching program is launching this Chanukah! Coaching is going to become available to more Jewish women--women with busy lives, busy budgets, and who deserve coaching support more than anyone! Make sure to get on the waitlist to hear when doors open for registration.

Managing your emotions is way bigger than you might realize. When you can manage your emotions you can get yourself to do whatever you need to.

It's the first of the four fundamental self-mastery skills that really allow you to live the life you want. (Stay tuned for the next three episodes to hear the remaining skills!)

The only reason we don't accomplish our goals is that we aren't willing to feel a feeling.

Here's a simple process to work on managing your emotions:

  1. Pick ONE specific goal you have

  2. Think about where you aren't following through right now

  3. Identify what emotion you'd have to feel if you were to follow through anyway (it will be a negative emotion)

  4. Commit to feeling that feeling for three seconds at a time

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Want some coaching to help you with this tool? Make sure you're on the waitlist for the How to Glow membership so you can join us this Chanukah!

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