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Ep. 127 - Staying in Your Own Lane

This week we are in our second of the four self-mastery skills that will move us into Glow energy!

A few updates before we get started:

The Modern Jewish Girl podcast is awesome! If you know anyone exploring Judaism, send them her way!

Lots of questions coming in about How to Glow!

I'm sharing some details with you about what it will look like inside:

We will have a monthly Topic Call and two Q&A calls where you can get coached live or submit questions in advance.

I'm also offering my three signature courses inside: Time Management, Foundations, and the First Year Married Online Course.

How to Glow is open for membership from November 28-30.

Today's skill is Being in Your Lane.

It's simple and you can use it all the time.

First I want you to notice what happens when you get busy with "his lane"--what he's doing, what you think he SHOULD be doing, and all those things.

Where does it take you? How do you show up? How do you feel? Are you effective now? Does it work? (No! Resisting and judging doesn't really change what's happening. It's not effective.)

What do you get to experience when you're in your lane? Focused on your goals, your power, your possibilities...

This is so much more fun! And more effective--we are engaged in an area where we can make changes. You get to choose what you want to create with the reality or situation you are in.

Want more support? Join us inside How to Glow to get all your coaching questions answered.

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