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Ep 135 - Listener Question: What Do I Do About My Stressed-Out Husband?

"I had an idea for a podcast topic that I don't think you covered. It is actually relevant to current (Jewish) events lately. I want to know what to do when you or your spouse is having a crisis and is not dealing with it properly. Or if there is a crisis in the world that you or your spouse is taking very hard and not functioning as they normally do. If it is you, that is one thing but what do you do when it is your spouse? Especially when it comes at a busy/high stress/just wrong time?"

This is such a relevant question right now.

Listen to this week's episode to hear the following tools to help when your husband is struggling to navigate a stressful time...

  1. How to use self-awareness to reduce resistance

  2. "Zooming out" to create patience and long-term vision for your marriage

  3. Asking powerful questions to create meaningful solutions

  4. Shifting from "needs" to get yourself out of victim mode

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