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Ep 136 - When it Gets Really Hard

We've all been in a place where we just feel too stuck or too overwhelmed to even begin looking for solutions. All we can see is big brick walls of what WON'T work.

That's why the absolute first line of defense is make sure YOU are in the best place you can be to find a solution.

It might not mean peak mental state, but it means functioning.

My rule is, if I'm below functioning, I don't get to solve the Big problems. I just solve for functioning. (In my coaching, we call this Baseline Self Care.)

This is another reason why I hold strongly to my belief that you should ABSOLUTELY GO TO BED ANGRY if you are too tired to work out the issue!! Because the issue will seem so much bigger than it is--and the solutions will be so much harder to come by--if either or both of you are tired.

This week's episode is more tactical than usual--my top tips for getting yourself back online so you can get yourself the solutions you need.

Listen this week for my top solutions for when life--or your marriage--are getting really hard.

When you should NOT be trying to do thought work

How to get past "cliche" forms of self care to something that would really be helpful for you

The role our lower brain plays in our well-being and how to deal with your nervous system

Clarify what your signs are that you're spiraling

How to use your brain to help you find solutions when you're feeling stuck

Would love to hear your tips below! ♥️👇

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