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Ep 137 - When Your Husband is Critical of Your Looks or Weight (Listener Question)

I'm back with another listener question, although I know this one will be a bit more triggering than the previous one!

I really appreciate this listener's openness as she shares her insecurity and frustration about her husband's criticisms about her eating habits and her weight.

Here's the deal...

There are times when we need to say "that's off the table" in all relationships. And in your case that might be what's needed. (I go into this in detail on the episode.)

But there are a few things I want you to consider first.

Here are a few--

  1. Understanding the effect of socialization and body stigma is not reserved only for women (aka we've all been brainwashed)

  2. How to have an open, exploratory conversation even when you're feeling upset or triggered

  3. How to get clear on the fear behind the criticism so you can address the root issue and actually find solutions

  4. What circumstances might mean you need to make this a "no-go" conversation zone in your marriage (and how to do that)

Check out this week's episode for how to get yourself grounded and open and in your most productive space so you can have a conversation that addresses the issue without creating unnecessary distance.

Whether this is relevant to you personally or not, I encourage you to listen for the tools I share in the context of this question.

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