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Ep. 139 - Real Requests Are Like Offers

"Work on communication" is the type of phrase that I know is addressing something important but automatically puts my brain to sleep.⁠ So, for those of you like me, I'm always looking for other ways to hack important tools that don't make me feel like I'm trying to operate a user manual for my printer when what I really want is to be working on a spectacular marriage.⁠ This tool is to consider your requests like an offer.⁠ What does this fix?⁠ The frustration and resentment so many women feel when they feel like their requests are being ignored--when in fact, THEY WERE NEVER CLEARLY MADE in the first place.⁠ A request has a question mark.⁠ "Can you take over carpool today?" ⁠ NOT⁠ "I have way too much on my plate."⁠ A request can get a "no"⁠ "Would you plan a date for us next week?"⁠ NOT⁠ "It's been months since we went out."⁠ (Make sure to listen to the episode if the idea of a direct request already gets your stomach turning with a vulnerability hangover.)

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