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Ep. 72 - How to Prepare to Be an Amazing Parent

Episode 72 Overview

t amazes me how much more comfortable we are talking about working on our parenting, but nobody wants to mention that they're working on their marriage.

Somehow, we can grow in parenting and it's noble, but if we need to grow in our marriage, it speaks of some deep failure in us.

But let's take a step back and consider...

What is actually going to make the biggest impact on your child's life? Another class, or a healthy and happy home?

In addition--not that we need anything beyond that--the meta-skills you learn in your marriage all translate to your parenting.




Realizing that no, your child is NOT actually the problem and yes, you CAN experience this differently.

And knowing how to do that.

Understanding how to step out of our experience and biases and see from another's perspective.

Modeling that negative emotions are not dangerous and we can handle some discomfort.

Count me in on that parenting class.

It starts with your marriage.

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