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Ep. 76 - Getting Re-Centered in the Middle of Chaos

Episode 76 Overview

This isn't the podcast I wanted to record this week.⁠

I wanted to record a podcast to help you feel safe and connected even when you disagree with your husband.⁠

Even when you disagree about the big stuff.⁠

But right now the big stuff has me off-balance.

So I'm taking some time to re-center myself.⁠

Remind myself of what I know to be true.⁠

This is the only way for me to be the best wife, mother, coach, and rabble-rouser that I can be.⁠

When I'm living in anxiety and overwhelm, I'm surprisingly not very effective.

What do you know to be true, my friends?⁠

Make a list.

Stay centered.⁠

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