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Ep. 82 - Torah and Marriage Guru Shevi Samet

Episode 82 Overview

Today I'm excited to bring you a conversation with Shevi Samet, a Jewish educator who, among other things specializes in working with women before and after marriage.

We're going super meta here today, talking about true meaning of marriage (we discuss this from the perspective of Torah concepts but feel free to use this as a springboard for your own belief work).

We also dove into why we get married, the social and individual concepts that drive us that we sometimes aren’t even aware of, the difference between love and commitment, and some bizarre and yet very helpful metaphors about parenting and marriage.

Most importantly, make sure you listen to the end when Shevi explains where love and giving fit into a marriage and how neither have anything to do with selflessness.


You can find Shevi at @itsalearninglife on Instagram or by email at sametshevi at 


What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. A glimpse into what the Torah says about the marriage relationship

  2. How to gain clarity into your personal goal in your marriage

  3. Why "selflessness" is not a Torah value--and isn't good for your marriage!

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