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Ep. 84 - Self Care Guru Krystal Conner

This week I have Dr. Krystal Conner on to talk to us about self care. Krystal takes what can sometimes seem like an undefined, unattainable idea and makes it super clear and actionable. I loved this conversation and I know you will, too!

When we talk about real self care we’re talking about doing the work of finding out who you are. Who are you? What do you stand for? How do you want to show up in the world?"- Dr. Krystal Conner

One of my favorite parts of this interview was how Krystal both validated the easier versions of self care that we usually reach for--the bubble baths and the chocolates and the shopping--but also shows us why they don't really have an ongoing impact.

Sources from this Episode:

Instagram: @drkrystalconner

What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. Why "real self care" is the first step to achieving your goals

  2. How identifying the main negative emotions that hold you back allow you to become the woman you want to be

  3. How to release all your rules for your husband, your family, and yourself and achieve peace with yourself and those you love 

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