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Ep. 88 - Self-Regulation Guru - Chava Neiditch

LADIES I have such a treat for you this week!

I often get questions from women about how being tired/ pregnant/ sick/ hormonal fits into thought work. This conversation, with occupational therapist/homeschooling supermom Chava Neiditch goes deep into our own individual profiles of what we need to stay regulated, balanced, and centered and how we all vary so much from one another.

This is a fabulous episode if you're a parent but a must listen if you're a human being. Enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. How to identify what causes you mental and physical overwhelm

  2. How to differentiate between your sensitivities and discover the sensitivities of those around you

  3. How to create a life that will maximize your regulation

  4. How to manage ongoing low-level stress

  5. What to do when you totally blow up/fall apart/melt down

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