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Ep. 91 - Your Relationship With Others

This week we're diving into the idea of your relationship with Others--this can be the closer relationships like parents, siblings, and in-laws, or more distant relationships like coworkers or neighbors.

We usually run a paradox in our minds: "I wish you were less like you" and "I want us to have an authentic relationship."

But an authentic relationship means we accept the other person AS THEY ARE.

Your brain wants to believe that if they changed you'd feel better. But the reality is, if you stopped resisting them as they are, you would IMMEDIATELY feel better.

Crazy, no?

So join us this week as we talk about dropping the resistance, allowing ourselves to stop trying to please everyone else and show up in an authentic way,

What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. How to show up as yourself even around challenging people

  2. How to keep other's issues from driving you crazy

  3. How to have a real relationship with anyone


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