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Ep. 98 - Exercise Guru Beatie Deutsch, Olympic Candidate

Wife, mom of five, and... Olympic marathon candidate?!

Beatie is going to blow your mind with her story about how she took up running to get herself back to being active and ended up as a professional runner for Israel and a candidate for the Tokyo Olympics.

Not only is her journey incredible, but she speaks from such a real place about the struggle of taking care of yourself, especially while growing a family, and the value of exercise for each person--marathon runner or not.

She is such an amazing example of tuning into what feeds her deeply and making space for it in her life. And look where that took her!

I strongly believe that when we hear another's story, it inspires us in our own. This week's podcast interview with Beatie is a perfect example. I left our conversation feeling motivated and inspired... to follow my own path towards self-care and self-expression.

So I'm so thrilled to share Beatie's amazing story, but more than that--her down-to-earth inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion for what she values.

I can't wait to hear how it enriches your own journey. 

You can find Beatie on Instagram @marathonmother and Facebook

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