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Episode 181 - You've Already Begun

Updated: Mar 25

Sometimes self-improvement can feel like a huge obstacle. Like a mountain to climb.

We all know what areas we could stand to work on.

But do you realize how much progress you've already made?

Consider one thing--whether it's your negativity, your temper, your patience...

And take a second to look behind you--the GPS line that shows where you've already driven.

Just by virtue of the fact that you've decided to work on this area, I know that you've made progress.

There was a time that this wasn't even a value.

There was a time that you had no awareness of where you were in this.

You've already come so far.

Doesn't that feel amazing?


  1. Becoming aware of when the process of growth in a certain area began

  2. Differentiating between signs that you are in the growth process vs. signs that you have completed the process


  1. Want to take this work further? I would love to coach you inside my coaching program, How to Glow. It's a no-commitment monthly program where you can get coached every week and be part of an amazing community of women. Ready to give it a try? Join today at

Ep 181 - The Process Has Already Begun ===

<00:00:00> Kayla Levin: Episode 181. The process has already begun.


<00:00:37> Kayla Levin: Hello ladies, and welcome back. I am so excited to be sharing. This idea with you, I'm actually recording this like weeks and weeks in advance. We are super scheduled out from here through Pesach and I just knew that I wanted to make sure to get in one coaching concept between now and then, and it hit me pretty early on.

<00:00:56> Kayla Levin: So by the time you hear this, I've been grooving with this idea for a little while and I am so excited to be sharing it with you. I set a goal. I'm just gonna give you the sort of the personal side of it and then, and how it applies to you. So I set a goal for myself for this year to really focus on Seder in my home, joy in my home, how I'm creating my environment really to just kind of transition.

<00:01:18> Kayla Levin: There's been a lot of years of just like a lot of excitement, enthusiasm about building my business, and I wanted this year to really just. Focus back my, that same goal, energy on my home and my family. So while the business is humming along, and, of course I'm busy and I'm active in it all the time.

<00:01:33> Kayla Levin: That's my primary focus for this year. And one of the pieces of this was, allowing myself to think about skills that I wanted to develop to get to a place where I felt like my home was more of a sort of sanctuary as opposed to , a running visual to-do list. And I came across this course by, Kendra Hennessy.

<00:01:56> Kayla Levin: She. Has a podcast called Mother Like A Boss. Of course, my podcasts have started to change, like I'm listening to Less Business. Actually no business podcasts anymore. Not into the business building piece. Much more focused on either home things or Torah podcasts, and. . She has a course, she's actually a pro, a former professional housekeeper, and she has a course where she breaks down literally like what kinds of things you use wear.

<00:02:19> Kayla Levin: So this is this is not decluttering, this is not visual organizing. This is literally just how to clean what, And I've done different sort of things over the last, couple months. And so I started this course and at one point she has you set up your own cleaning system. So bear with me.

<00:02:35> Kayla Levin: This is not about cleaning, I promise. she has you set up your own cleaning system and one of the things she points out is you need to pay attention to your mindset, which of course I loved, right? as you are setting up the system, if you're thinking I'm a person who never does these things or things like that, and what I noticed about that when I checked in was that I was thinking like, okay, we're getting started, but then I realized that, as I'm recording this is, I think I purchased this yesterday, the day before.

<00:02:59> Kayla Levin: This is February. , I set this intention, I would say I soft set this intention in Elul and I really decided in the beginning of January, like all the New Year's stuff in the air helped me like recommit to my Ella goals. And it was so interesting cuz in that moment I realized, I went from seeing this course as the beginning of a process of figuring out how to manage my home and I really I'm presenting this to you as if this was like a long thing and I saw this in the context, but in that moment I was not seeing this in context.

<00:03:33> Kayla Levin: I was seeing this as I just bought this course. I'm just getting started. I'm just figuring out how to manage my home in a way that I want to. And then when I caught that thought and I realized that I've actually been in process, really since I got married, right? but intentionally in process already for a solid month, if not longer.

<00:03:55> Kayla Levin: And as I'm setting these things up, I started to notice what things have I already started to do. Because even though I wasn't super intentional to say, it wasn't like, I wasn't coaching myself on every day. It wasn't like on a sign on my whiteboard, anything like that. This was an awareness that I had planted a while back.

<00:04:13> Kayla Levin: And things have started to shift already and I think this is really critical for us because so often when we start something, we think that's the beginning. So for instance, when somebody starts coaching with me or they join the How to Glow coaching community, they think that they're now starting to work on their marriage or they're now starting to work on their mindset and it's not true.

<00:04:40> Kayla Levin: because actually the decision to join was already like 10 steps down the line. She's a different person because she decided to join. Something has shifted for her. Something has changed for her that culminated in her signing up for coaching, and I think this is one of the most encouraging thoughts that we can think.

<00:05:05> Kayla Levin: There is so much growth happening for us. Under the surface and when do we notice it? It's that day that you sign up for coaching. It's that day that you hire the personal trainer. It's that day that you apply for that job. That's when you notice the result of it. But so much has been going on right under the surface.

<00:05:27> Kayla Levin: It gave me a completely different attitude about thinking about this goal of. and it also gave me a lot of appreciation for my brain. It's like my brain is like busy in the background working on my goals, and then all of a sudden the symptoms of my brain doing all that work is like popping up. . By the way, as I'm recording this, I'm looking at like the audio waves.

<00:05:50> Kayla Levin: It's possible you can all hear my son playing klafim in the background, , which is an Israeli game where they like pound the floor and make cards flip. If so, I just invite you into my world, , my, living an Israel life. and if you can't hear it, then I just gave it to you there. So I just think this is, again, this is such an encouraging thing.

<00:06:07> Kayla Levin: Whatever the thing is that you are working on, I want you to stop and consider. How am I already so many steps down the line? It could be you've been working on, let's say, your weight, cuz that's such an easy example and the scale hasn't budged. , but I want you to ask yourself this question. How are you already in the game?

<00:06:30> Kayla Levin: How have you already worked on that? How has either your mindset has started to shift or even, and possibly most importantly, your awareness. Maybe you're noticing what emotions are making you eat. Maybe you're noticing what time of day you're eating. Maybe you're noticing what kind of foods you wish you weren't.

<00:06:48> Kayla Levin: you're already in the game. You've already started the process. And just because there isn't that external validation, I don't have that external validation that every day when I go to bed, the living room is tidy and the kitchen sinks are empty and Right. I don't have that external validation yet that I can say, oh look.

<00:07:07> Kayla Levin: But the truth is that's the end of the process. So we're looking, I'm actually just realizing this now as I'm saying this, which is totally blowing my mind. , we're looking for signs that we're, that it's working, that we're in process, but the signs we're looking for are the signs that will confirm that it's finished.

<00:07:23> Kayla Levin: right? once you've figure it out how to lose weight, once that weight has started to go down, you've essentially finished the process of figuring it out. That's the end. You might wanna stay there because maybe two pounds isn't all you're looking for, right? a big piece for me is that this is, has to come without stress and without losing sleep and just really from a place of like serenity and love.

<00:07:44> Kayla Levin: and absolutely no guilt or blame. These are all built into my goal. So it won't be the point at which it's happened that I can say, oh look, it's working right. That's when I go, oh look, I did it and now I just need to maintain. So this is so cool to me, right? are you looking for signs that you are in the growth process or are you looking for signs that you have completed the process?

<00:08:12> Kayla Levin: Let's say it's applying for a job that's like a scary to you to apply for, right? It's not the day you apply, that's when you did. , but maybe you now have so much more awareness maybe, and you're thinking about your current job differently. Maybe you're starting to notice some skills. Maybe it's nothing except that desire and that excitement and that anticipation that one day this might happen and you're so excited starting to bubble up a little bit more and more in your belly.

<00:08:40> Kayla Levin: That might be all that it is, but you see how that is so much more in process than when it's not even on your screen. . So I hope this leaves you with as much excitement and encouragement as it left me, and I would love, as always, I'd love to hear from you.

<00:08:55> Kayla Levin: I'm no longer choosing to connect over Instagram or Facebook, but you can always email me, kaylakayla, or if you are on the podcast broadcast, which you can get to. By any of my emails. So I guess the email is literally the first place to start with that. Or my website. You can get to the podcast broadcast there.

<00:09:12> Kayla Levin: you can always message me back. Just let me know what is it that you're working on and how do you see yourself already in process? All right. Get those goals. Ladies, you are all amazing. The world needs you. I'm, I know thatthat's a cliche, but I'm not kidding when I say that we need what it is that you have to offer.

<00:09:29> Kayla Levin: even if it's not a Ted Talk , right? Even if it's not the cure for cancer, it might just be your energy. It might just be your way of being in the world. It's really important and so it's an honor for me to be here with you coaching you here on the podcast. Have an amazing day. Bye-bye.

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