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Episode 184 - Pre-Pesach Pep Talk

Updated: Mar 18

Pesach and coaching are a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned.


Pesach addresses the two factors most impactful of our mental health: our belief in ourselves and our belief in our future. If those beliefs are negative, we don't want to get out of bed. We have no energy.

If those beliefs are positive, we've got all the energy in the world.

Belief in ourselves: Hashem took us out of Egypt when we were on the 49th level of tumah. If anyone could think she was underserving, it was the woman slaving away in Egypt barely holding onto a thread of connection. But not only was she taken out of Egypt, Hashem made it happen FASTER. You are loved. You are important. I don't have to know you to tell you that.

Belief in our future: Pesach is the time of freedom. Today that means freedom from our own restrictions. How many of our restrictions are completely internal? Our own fears, insecurities, attachments to how things "should" be...

You can be banging your head against the wall with that one issue you've been trying to get over for AGES...

And on Pesach it's gone. In Nissan it's gone. Because that's just what's in the air right now.

Pesach tells us: You have a future. And you are the future. You matter.

Don't underestimate the importance of telling yourself that as many times a day as you can.

Thanks for being here, super important person with an amazing future. 🙂

Chag kasher v'sameach!! (A happy and kosher Passover!)

Ep 184 - Pre-Pesach Pep Talk === <00:00:00> Kayla Levin: Episode 184. Pre-Pesach pep talk. <00:00:03> Kayla Levin: <00:00:37> Kayla Levin: Okay, my friends, we're gonna keep this one short this week. We've got stuff to do, but I wanted to make sure to give you. Early in the week as things are crazy, a little pep talk and we're gonna focus on coaching. And I also wanna focus on the concept of kind of just this time of year and what this means for us. <00:00:55> Kayla Levin: There are two main things that can really suck the energy out of us, and it's not scrubbing your oven. Okay? Number one is a lack of belief, actually. Really, they're the same thing. Now that I think about it. Really what sucks our energy out is not seeing the potential for the future. And that can come for two different things. <00:01:14> Kayla Levin: One is feeling like you're in a situation where you're just stuck and it's not gonna get better, and the other is not believing in yourself and your ability to achieve a new future. If you think about what gets someone out of the bed in the morning, it's enthusiasm for the day, or at least the first coffee. <00:01:29> Kayla Levin: That's me. That enthusiasm for the day is so energizing. This is some of the work that I've been doing lately is getting clear on what we're going for, not from a place of living for the future and, and not being able to be present for now, but that things are moving, things are shifting, and it's very, very exciting. <00:01:50> Kayla Levin: So, number one, we have to just break down this idea that you're not so great if you have this idea that you're not so great. Just, I don't know. Send me a voice message on WhatsApp and I'll just yell at you, tell you how wonderful you are if you need it, or shoot me an email. I was speaking to someone recently who was like, you know, I just couldn't think of anything amazing about myself, and I was like, oh, I happen to know that this woman has a new baby. <00:02:16> Kayla Levin: And I was like, did you turn actual physical cells from your body into human milk and keep someone alive all day long? What do you do? Amazing. I mean, come on, people. Are you getting ready for Pesach? You are amazing. Have you burned the house down? You are amazing. Did you listen to last week's podcast? Have you not killed anyone yet? <00:02:36> Kayla Levin: You are amazing. Okay? We have to give ourselves credit for the little things. Number one. Because we deserve it. Number two, because that dopamine rush that we get when we celebrate ourselves makes us wanna go back for more. Makes us wanna do it again. It makes us become the best version of ourselves when we celebrate, not when we beat ourselves over the head with our inadequacy. <00:02:59> Kayla Levin: When we celebrate how amazing we are and think about what this time of year is. Now, I am not a Torah teacher. I can't help but just focus on the most fundamental aspect of what was happening. Hashem took us out of Mitzrayim. The Jewish people were on the 49th level of tuma. Out of anyone they could have said, we are nothing. <00:03:24> Kayla Levin: We have nothing. We have no future. We are worth nothing. And Hashem said, I'm taking you out now. And that's all of us today. Right. That still relates to who we are. So if you don't think that your value and ability is legitimate, then you could just, if my five-year-old says to me, show me in the Chumash, and I believe you. <00:03:46> Kayla Levin: This was an argument over whether small dogs are only puppies, or sometimes they could be older than puppies, but I'm just gonna apply it here. Best conversation of my life, by the way, what does it say? You wanna argue with the Chumash? You know what, I'm, you're not important. Okay, fine. Take it up with the Chumash. <00:04:01> Kayla Levin: It's, it's, it's there. Okay. It's pshat. And I wanna be really clear. I'm not saying your value and ability in that you are better than other people. This is not, uh, a, a hierarchy. It's just an essential fact of who you are as a human being. That's number one. So if you have value, if you have ability, that means you have something to create here. <00:04:24> Kayla Levin: Something important that something might be a Seder plate. Right now it might be five minutes of connection. It might be the act of forgiveness. I don't know what it is for you right now, but you have the ability to do it. I don't have to know you to know that. <00:04:44> Kayla Levin: And the other thing that gets us out of bed in the morning is the belief in our future, our belief in something more, in something greater happening. And again, when I go back to the story of Pesach, this is the season of freedom and it's not, um, you know, no one listening to this podcast is a slave right now, but we all have something that's holding us back. <00:05:03> Kayla Levin: And the spiritual reality is that you could have been banging your head against the wall trying to change one thought, one model for the last nine. This month it's gonna click in Nissan, it's gonna happen. It's gonna click that thing that you have not been able to get over. It can click now. So it's so incredible. <00:05:23> Kayla Levin: It's such an incredible time of year because all this work that we've been doing, we get to see the fruits of that labor and we can pick something new that you wanna get to and it can happen. So this is the, the pep talk that I wanna give you right now is you don't know what's in store for you. You don't know what you're capable of. <00:05:42> Kayla Levin: You don't know what could happen, could be so much greater. It is so much greater than what you realize. And with that, I leave you to go to the real Torah teachers to listen to the shiurim and to go into your hagadas and wherever it is that you learn. I wanted to give you these concepts because I feel. <00:06:03> Kayla Levin: Really, we learn the best coaching straight from the Torah, and this time of year, to me is so exciting. As someone who is always involved in helping women figure out how to grow, how to get to that next step, it really is all baked in right now. So I hope that you're able to enjoy it. see you on the other side and sending you so, so much love and admiration and just appreciation for being part of my world. <00:06:30> Kayla Levin: Bye-bye. <00:06:31> Kayla Levin: Hey there, Kayla here. If you've been loving the podcast, I wanna invite you into my monthly coaching program, How to Glow. We take all the work here and go much deeper into our expectations of our husbands, our understanding of our husbands ourselves, by the way our intimate lives. We even extended out to anything else you want. <00:06:46> Kayla Levin: Coaching on your parenting, your finances, your health. Get ongoing support. Live weekly coaching, and access to my best courses for only $49 a month. I would love to coach you inside. Registration is open now. Sign up at Isn't this the best time to start? <00:07:08> <00:07:10> <00:07:18>

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