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Episode 43 - Listener Tips for Running the Home

Episode 43 Overview

WOW. You all sent in some awesome tips for running the home! More than that, I love how you all came out to support and help one another! At the end of the day, we're all in this together if we want to be... and the FYM community keeps proving that you are women who look out for one another. I love it.

First, an announcement: I will be hosting a special Kallah Cohort of First Year Married targeted specifically to women in the Orthodox Jewish community. Lots of details at the end of the episode! 

I broke down your tips into three main categories: Vision and Appreciation, Food and Groceries, and General Household Management and Time Management Tips. 

Have more tips to share? Please send them to @firstyearmarried on Instagram and I will share them over there!

All the best,


Get a buddy, share this episode, and help each other use this information. It can be hard to observe our own brains sometimes. 

To work with me on-on-one, you can email me at or fill out the form at and I’ll send you my booking calendar.

Want to take this work further? Watch the free video at to learn how to coach yourself.

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