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Episode 48 - Short Term Gain

Episode 48 Overview

This week I’m sharing a hack that I learned while researching how to best care for myself as a type 1 diabetic. While it was intended to help with things like glucose control, I think this hack can help all of us on most long-term goals.

Adam Brown, writer for diaTribe, writes in his book Bright Spots and Land Mines* about the benefits of setting specific, short-term goals to help us achieve our long term goals. Want better overall health? Think about how your mood will improve in the next few hours when you exercise.

So here’s the hack du jour: ask yourself, what makes you feel better TODAY?

-Exercise: long term “numbers” or how I feel?

-Food: weight loss, or how I’ll be able to focus the rest of the day?

-Laundry: is it about you and your abilities to be organized or can you just think about how nice it is to go to bed knowing it’s done?

-Investing in your marriage (why don’t I talk about this more??): is it about working towards a long, happy marriage, or just the nice feeling of being an awesome wife?

So here’s the strategy:

  1. Identify the long-term goal

  2. Identify the short-term gain

Then… take a pic and tag me! @firstyearmarried or send to

Have an awesome week!

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