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Ep. 147 - A Better Relationship with Your Mother-in-Law with Rachel Glasser

Rachel Glasser kept seeing comments on the Frum Girl Problems Facebook group about mother-in-law dynamics that were directly addressed in the research she had done about this relationship, so she decided to share her findings.

I saw her post and immediately invited her onto the podcast. I loved our conversation. Having gone through all the major studies about in-law relationships in the last sixty years, Rachel has so much to share about the most common pitfalls in these relationships, the advantages or working on the relationship, and specific ways we can go about this.

Rachel Glasser lives in Elkins Park, PA with her husband and four young children. Her degree is in Industrial Psychology and is currently employed as an HR specialist for a local mental health clinic. 

What was surprising to you about what Rachel had to share? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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