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Ep. 81 - Jamie Geller Part 2 - Entrepreneurship and Aliyah

Episode 81 Overview

In the second half of my interview with Jamie Geller, we moved beyond cooking to some other major areas where she's been an inspiration to those around her.

As the head of the largest kosher food network, Jamie Geller has a lot to teach us about entrepreneurship. In this episode, she shares a bit about her background as a successful producer at HBO and the transition to building her own business. She also gives some really practical advice for those of us who are launching our own businesses.

I also asked Jamie to talk about her family's decision to make aliyah. What was the inspiration? what were the challenges? Jamie was extremely candid about her inspiration but also her resistance to the move, and what it's really like to pick up your whole family and move across the world.

Finally, we chatted about our great big cooking failures as newlyweds (and how our husbands helped us repackage the remains!).  



Sources from this episode:

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What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. The questions you should ask yourself before launching a business

  2. Why you don't always need to be a "die-hard" to make aliyah

  3. The very real challenges of moving to Israel

  4. Why Israel is a deeply spiritual place for all people

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