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95 - What Motivates Your Husband with Alison Armstrong - Part 2

Don't miss Part 2 of my interview with Alison Armstrong!

Here are a few gems she shares:

  1. Your husband ACCEPTS YOU FULLY (and what that actually mean)

  2. Your husband manages his energy and motivation differently than you do.

  3. How men change throughout their development, and how we change, too (but differently)

  4. How to communicate with your husband so that he'll WANT to help


Alison Armstrong's programs can be found at her website

I strongly recommend her two books, Keys to the Kingdom and The Queen's Code

Alison refers to our natural time schedules and the website

Learn more about coaching with Kayla at (not just for newlyweds!)

To hear my previous interview with Alison, listen to Episodes 50 and Episode 51

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