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Ep. 103 - Your Superhero Mission - Invisible Cape Part 2

So here's the deal...

I can't be your coach and your friend. Well, not at the same time, anyway.

My best friends know that when they come to talk through an issue, my response is always, "you want coach Kayla or friend Kayla?"

And whatever they need is what they get.

As a coach, I can't worry about how much you like me because that will get in the way of me being honest with you. 

And one of the most important ways for me to be honest is to show you your limiting beliefs. (Which is "coach talk" for being on the struggle bus.)

Sometimes we get to opt out of struggles everyone else is having. For instance, even though most people will tell you that making aliyah is stressful and overwhelming, when we made aliyah (aka immigrated to Israel) our experience wasn't that at all,

My primary emotions about making aliyah were freedom and luxuriousness. We were constantly finding evidence for how much support and help we were getting. How freeing it was to get rid of all the clutter. How amazing to arrive by airline and be served kosher food after generations of Jews arriving by boat or on foot... 

We consciously opted out of a lot of the group-think about what aliyah was like, and today we spend a lot of our time sharing our framework with friends and acquaintances who are planning their own move.

Now Israel is in yet another lockdown and Friend Kayla is happy to validate you and say, "yes, if you're struggling, IT'S OK. Totally valid and fine." (And I really do mean that.)

But as your coach, I want you to know there's another option. Because even though there's this group-think that lockdown = overwhelm and stress, even in the most seemingly stressful situations some of us will manage to opt out of that.

Because lockdown doesn't = anything, actually.

And when you opt out of that struggle, you become an example of another way.

Maybe you even become a superhero for someone else.

This is your invisible cape.


This week I'm taking you on a mini coaching session (get the workbook below!) to find your obstacles, clarify your goal, and live the dream.

Also... make sure you're on the wait list to find out when new coaching spots become available and new workshops are offered!

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