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Ep. 107 & 108 - The Pesach Episode (Parts 1 and 2)

Updated: Mar 18

Over these two weeks, Noach and I answered your questions about getting ready for Pesach (aka Passover)--as it applies to your marriage, extended relationships, and general sanity.

Here are some of the topics we're covering this week:

  1. How to get excited about the holiday

  2. Managing the last-minute rush

  3. When your husband isn't "doing Pesach" the way you think he should (ie different opinions about minhagim or halachos)

  4. Successfully spending Pesach with in-laws or other relatives

  5. How to get more help from your husband preparing for Pesach

  6. Managing resentment after working so hard without the help or recognition you wanted

  7. Technical tips on how to make Pesach

  8. Is it possible to get ready for Pesach without being extremely stressed out??


Here is the article from Rav Sheinberg that I strongly recommend you read before even beginning your cleaning!


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