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Ep. 129 - Having Your Back

UPDATE: How to Glow is now open for registration--but only for THREE DAYS! Make sure you get your spot at Can't wait to see you inside!!


This is a perfect continuation of the Real Goals podcast.

Last week I discussed how we can use goals as a way of beating ourselves up or invalidating everything between here and there…

Having your back means that no matter what, you don’t use your failures to condemn or hate yourself.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why we SHOULD call them failures

  2. Why you want to embrace your failures

  3. How to love yourself and be proud of yourself when you fail big

  4. How to dream big without burnout

  5. How to create a goal that gets you really excited

  6. How to break the habit of beating yourself up in an attempt to be better

Have an audacious goal you want to commit to loving yourself through? I'd love to help you do this work--join us inside How to Glow and let's get to it! 

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