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Ep. 154 - Your Invisible Cape - Summer Series Replay

I'd assume that none of you reading this consider yourself a jealous person.

And yet how many things would we no longer feel like we are lacking if we didn't see someone else had it?

I recently ended a subscription to a magazine I loved because seeing all the exotic vacations I wasn't going to take (but SOMEONE ELSE would) was outweighing my enjoyment of the articles.

Does that make me jealous? Is that the right word? I'm not sure. But it definitely makes me human.

Which is why I created (and LOVE) the tool The Invisible Cape.

Not going on an exotic vacation? One option is to feel sorry for yourself.

Another is to realize that by NOT going, you are one more example that can hold ground so that someone ELSE doesn't feel like she's the only one stuck at home this summer.

We used this with strollers, too. Did I want to get the nicest stroller we could afford, or could I don my invisible cape, be an undercover superhero to some woman who would be pushing her stroller to shul and now she'd have one more "simple" stroller next to hers?

From deprivation to empowerment. I'll take that trade any day of the week.

Learn more about it in this week's episode (above).

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