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Episode 176 - The Meaningful Life with Raquel Kirszenbaum

Updated: Mar 25


  1. How to cultivate a personal relationship with Hashem 

  2. How to find inspiration and feel connected to mitzvot

  3. The meaning of commitment


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More About Raquel:

Raquel kirszenbaum was born on Margarita Island in Venezuela and moved to Panama when she was 6 years old. After completing high school she went to Israel to experience what would be a life-changing experience. She joined Neve Yerushalaim College for Jewish Studies and chose for herself a life path full with vibrant Judaism. After studying there for some time and growing as much as she could she was invited to teach in Panama were she started her career teaching all kinds of Judaic studies for high school and Midrasha Horev, the first superior Judaic studies school for women in Panama.

She got married and made aliya in 2011, settling in Jerusalem with her husband. From then on she has developed extensively her career teaching Judaism to all kinds of women from all paths of life, becoming a sought-after speaker in Jerusalem and internationally. She has spoken in different cities in the USA, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, among others. She has also been invited to speak at the prestigious Sinai Indaba in South Africa.

Raquel also has the pleasure and privilege to be a Trip leader for the JWRP "Jewish Women's Renaissance Project" which has given her the opportunity of teaching and reaching hundreds of women around the world, starting them on their journey! 

She teaches at Neve Yerushalayim, among other places, where she teaches daily to women searching for higher meaning and understanding in life; she is also constantly invited to teach college groups and others of its kind and is a very popular speaker for hidabroot in english, and various kiruv and college programs in Israel from all around the world. She also has a weekly video blog in Spanish with powerful ideas of emuna and prayer. Her unique style of teaching attracts people from all levels and personalities, she takes you on a journey where emotion and intellect join, given over in a beautiful way that is full of humor, enthusiasm and happiness. She wishes to continue having the opportunity to share the amazing gifts she has received and the joy she feels with others.

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