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Ep. 65 - Purim & He's Not a Reflection of You

Updated: Mar 18

And this can make some women really uncomfortable. But guess what, it’s not Purim’s fault, because we have similar situations coming in from non Jewish listeners, too!

"He doesn’t know how to be around my family."

"He blew it at work."

"He’s so embarrassing when he fights with my friends."

There are two pieces to this that we have to get clear on.

1. Identification -- we have  a primal instinct to want to be accepted into the team or the tribe. Once you know that, you can start to settle that very anxious part of your brain that thinks this is all going to kill you.

2. Judgment -- wait, me? No way! Yep, call it like it is, my friend. Start to notice when you're in judgment. Be honest with yourself, so that you can start to learn when and how to move out of judgement.

Check out the podcast for the how-to on working through these two issues.

Happy Purim for those celebrating!

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