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Ep. 77 - Anxiety and Resentment

Episode 77 Overview

The best thing about working on your marriage is that you get exposed to patterns of thinking that have existed for years--maybe even your entire life--and never really surfaced until it affected you in this relationship.

What looks like a big problem is actually an amazing opportunity to improve your own self-mastery in a way you never could before.

Anxiety and resentment both come from an essential judgement, either of ourselves or of another person. With many newlyweds, these emotions seem negative and sometimes even scary--because we make it mean that we can’t have a good marriage if we’re feeling bad emotions.

I often find that identifying the emotion of resentment can be tricky when we’ve spent our lives believing that there are “resentful people” and the rest of us. 

But gaining awareness is the critical first step towards gaining traction. These emotions aren’t dangerous and you’re for sure not alone.

Check out the episode to get some tips on dealing with these feelings in your marriage.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  1. What drives anxiety and resentment

  2. Why we often mislabel them

  3. How to identify them more accurately, and why that’s important

  4. Why neither of these are a problem for your marriage

  5. What to be wary about when learning from a marriage educator or coach

When you’re ready to take this work deeper, join us in the First Year Married Online community.

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