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Ep. 80 - Cooking Guru Jamie Geller - #whosyourguru Series

Episode 80 Overview

When I think about areas that I'd love to enjoy more in my life, cooking is pretty high up on the list.

After all, we just keep needing to... eat.

But when I got married, cooking quickly went from neutral activity I sometimes enjoy to lifetime nemesis. It was so much work, so much planning, so little fun. To add insult to injury, half the time it didn't even taste so good!

When I stumbled across Jamie Geller's cookbook Quick and Kosher (subtitle: Recipes for the Bride Who Knew Nothing), I hung onto that baby like it was my lifeline.

The recipes had few ingredients.

They didn't take forever.

And--shocker--they tasted really good!

Since we launched the podcast, I've been wanting to have Jamie on to share how she went from "bride who knew nothing" to owner of the largest kosher food network in the world (read that again). And how can someone enjoy all the cooking without spending all her time in the kitchen?

With the launch of our #whosyourguru summer interview series, I knew she'd be the perfect person to kick us off!

Listen this week for some serious food inspiration, whether you are the primary chef of your household or the occasional second hand. Jamie reframes the whole concept of enjoying cooking in a way that is relatable, manageable, and so much more fun.



Sources from this episode:

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What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. Simple ways to enjoy cooking more

  2. How to get inspired (especially if you're a visual learner!)

  3. How Jamie overcame resentment of the kitchen

  4. Why you don't have to spend all day in the kitchen (and probably shouldn't!)

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