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Ep. 83 - Home Organization Guru Shira Gill

With everyone spending so much more time at home these days, it's even harder than ever to maintain some sense of order. But I know not everyone sees keeping their space clean as a chore. I've met these unicorns... they actually enjoy it. I wanted to get a glimpse into how someone thinks who finds home organization fun, simple, and creative.

Shira Gill is the absolute best unicorn for this!

Professional organizer Shira Gill talks about how to hack the brain of a tidy person, what simple system she uses with all her clients to go from overwhelming mess to styled space, and how she and her husband communicate about their different tidiness-styles. 

We talked about minimalism, personality differences with your spouse, how to get each other on board without fighting, and how to truly enjoy your space. 

“I really just noticed all around me -- everyone I talked to -- there was this universal pain point of clutter.” - Shira Gill

Bio: Shira’s mission is to inspire people to clear physical and mental clutter so they can reduce their environmental footprint, create space for what they truly care about, and live their best lives.  Over the past ten years, she has helped hundreds of clients all over the globe, and developed a process and tool kit that applies to anyone, regardless of their style, space, or lifestyle. 

Her work and home have been featured in Goop, Parents, Real Simple, Domino, Sunset, Apartment Therapy, Rue, and Remodelista, and her book, MINIMALISTA, will be released fall of 2021 with Penguin Random House. 

Sources from this Episode:

What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. Shira's simple steps for editing any space

  2. How she managed different tidiness-personalities in her marriage

  3. Why systems and containers are not the answer to your mess

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