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Ep. 85 - Do-Over Guru Bari Mitzmann

We talk a lot about the challenges that can come up with connecting to your spouse, especially as a newlywed. However, for some of us, the initial stressors of married life come from external factors.

Bari Mitzmann came on this week to share her story about her first year of marriage and the health struggles she dealt with right as they were getting married.

Bari is a great example of someone who embraces the “do-over.”

“One of the things we did very early on in our marriage is if we said something to each other or behaved in a certain way where there was miscommunication or resentment after, it was just like, can I do a do-over? And it would be like, ok, leave the room, come back in, try again.”- Bari Mitzmann

Bio: Bari Mitzmann is a wife, mother and content creator living in Nevada. Her content on her Instagram @barianna and the Woman of Valor Podcast is geared toward finding meaning and inspiration in every day as well as breaking stigmas tied toward mental and chronic illness.

Sources from this Episode:

Instagram: @barianna

What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. The concept of the "do-over" (how to use it like a Mitzmann and what the Gottmans teach about it)

  2. How Bari and her husband moved beyond a challenging wedding and newlywed experience

  3.  What her health struggles taught Bari about her values and how to prioritize

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