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Ep. 89 - Your Relationship With Yourself

This week I was cleaning out the garage with my husband and as I'm going through I noticed there are all these different types of things.

Here were my categories:

  1. The stuff you stored there on purpose

  2. The stuff you know is there but really want to get rid of

  3. The stuff you had no idea where it came from and...

  4. Dust.

And, me being me, I started thinking how much this is like our own minds. Especially when it comes to our thoughts about ourselves.

Because at the end of the day, our relationship with ourselves is nothing more than the sum total of the thoughts we think about ourselves.

And many of us don't think very nice things, let's be honest.

We've got the thoughts we put there on purpose, the ideals and values that we're proud of upholding, things we like about ourselves.

We've got things we wish we could get out--long-held negative beliefs we just wish we could shake.

We've got the random ideas we never realized were there. Maybe negative messages from growing up, ideas we just absorbed from the media and general culture--and everything we make that mean when we don't measure up.

And there's dust. There's lack of clarity. What AM I thinking, anyway? Without seeing it clearly it feels so hard to make progress.

This week I'm going to be breaking down this relationship and the VALUE of working on your relationship with yourself.

It's important work. I hope you will join me.

What You’ll Learn in This Week's Episode:

  1. What results you are creating with your negative self-talk

  2. How to transition to a more positive self-image

  3. Why your opinions about your past matter

  4. How to take care of your future self


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