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Ep. 94 - Newlywed Lessons (for Every Stage) with Alison Armstrong - Part 1

WHOOPEE! One of my absolute favorite humans, teachers, thought leaders, the marvelous Alison Armstrong, is back on the podcast this week!! 

We talked about what newlyweds come up against--the frustrations and struggles--and how they reappear at each stage along the line.

Mainly, you'll learn about expectations: how they change when we get married (for ourselves and for our partners) and how we often realize they're there a little too late.

I know you'll enjoy this episode so much!

So when's the last time you've had an expectation surprise you? Would love to hear yours in the comments.


Alison Armstrong's programs can be found at her website

I strongly recommend her two books, Keys to the Kingdom and The Queen's Code

Learn more about Kayla's upcoming Mastermind Group Program and 1:1 Coaching at (not just for newlyweds!)

To hear my previous interview with Alison, listen to Episodes 50 and Episode 51

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