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Ep. 96 - Grief & When It Won't Be Getting Better

On the two year anniversary of my "diaversary" - the date of my type 1 diabetes diagnosis - I wanted to talk about how we use thought work when we can't improve a situation.

For many of us, our default is to mentally fight against our new reality--whether it's the loss of a dream, a person, or a new realizty we never asked for.

When we let go of the resistance, that's when we experience the grief. I see grief as a bridge that allows us to move from the reality we wanted to the reality we now have. It's healthy, and it's good, but I know it's also not the main emotion we'd choose to experience.

In coaching specifically, we focus a lot on what we can change--SO MUCH more is in our power than we realize.

But sometimes it's not in our control. What do we do with that? In this week's episode I walk you through my own process of grieving and how you can use this in your own life.

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