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Episode 41 - A Vision For Your Home

Episode 41 Overview

We’re back to housework this week, believe it or not! 

This week we’re discussing how leading with your values and vision can make even the most basic kinds of housework more meaningful. I’ll be showing you how to determine your values within your home (and sharing mine) and realize what things DON’T make the list (so you can stop stressing out about them)! I’ll also give you a clear formula for having a vision-led discussion with your husband to enlist the help you need without bringing negativity into your marriage.

Get a buddy, share this episode, and help each other use this information. It can be hard to observe our own brains sometimes. 

To work with me on-on-one, you can email me at or fill out the form at and I’ll send you my booking calendar.

Want to take this work further? Watch the free video at to learn how to coach yourself.

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