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Episode 52 - Getting Help from Your Husband

Episode 52 Overview

This week I'm answering a much-asked question: how do I get my husband to help out REGULARLY, not just as "helping" me?

We've discussed some of these concepts before, especially in Episode 30 - Just Ask! and Episode 30 - What It Means to Give, Interview With The Husband Part 2, but I've never taken the time to do a full, dedicated episode to this issue.

And it really is an issue. The ideas of helping, housework, equally divided responsibility, are all loaded for many of us. And more than that, they strongly play into some of the main differences between men and women. 

How is enthusiasm perceived by men vs. women?

What motivates men to want to help?

Why do we hate to ask for help?

Why do we feel threatened if it's not clear that it's all FAIR?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Email me  at kayla (at) or drop me a line on Instagram @firstyearmarried

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