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Episode 54 - Feel More Love

Episode 55 Overview

This week sharing one of my favorite Jewish ideas, which I was reminded of by a Tony Robbins quote. Who... last I checked... was most definitely not a rabbi 🤣⁠

The word for love in Hebrew is ahava. The root word of ahava is "hav" which means "give." This is here to remind us that the root of love is giving.⁠

What's the last project you truly invested in? ⁠

Didn't you love it?⁠

The more we work, the more we try, the more we love.⁠

And yet we somehow expect our marriages to do all the work for us. As if a marriage is a THING that can WORK. But somehow they should make us happy.... or they're broken.⁠

So this week we're turning it all on its head.⁠

Please join us 💜⁠

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