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Episode 73 - Using Questions To Deepen Your Relationship, A Conversation with Marriage Coach Magg...

Episode 73 Overview

What do you get when you put two marriage coaches on a Zoom call? A fun, loving deep dive into the world of making marriages better.

Maggie Reyes recently came out with a (now best-selling) book, Questions for Couples Journal and I thought this was the perfect chance to invite Maggie on to share with the FYM audience! I get so many questions about how to make date nights more meaningful and what books I recommend. I also love this book as an idea for couples who aren't going out on traditional dates--whether due to COVID or newlywed finances.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode....

What you might be asking your husband to do that maybe you shouldn't be.

The difference between a request and a demand, and how to know which you're making.

Creating motivation to work on our marriages.

Dealing with doubt about whether you found "the right one."

Getting on the same page about the Big Decisions.

Surprising side benefits of working with a coach.

And, of course most importantly, which movie universe would we choose to live in? (Leave your answer below!)

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