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Episodes 100 and 101 - The Time I Let My Husband Interview Me

Hey friends!

Ok so Noach has been pushing for this for a while... at least since last summer. "On Episode 100, I'll be interviewing you." Ok, honey, sure... that's forever from now.

Until it wasn't.

But he tends to have good ideas. I mean, he's like a big marketing guy or something. He told me do a  podcast. I said no. Until I didn't. That turned out really well, so I figured maybe he's onto something here, too.

So far the feedback has been amazing, which is funny to me because... we're kinda just goofing off together!

And while it isn't easy for me ever to talk about some of our more personal challenges (this is actually why he insisted on the interview), I know how much it would have helped me to hear something like this when I was a newlywed. And, well, that's kinda the whole point here.

So, ladies, grab a coffee or tea or whatever you drink and join us for our shmooze. Would love to hear what you think! Add to the comments below and I'll get back to you!

xo, Kayla

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