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The Kallah Cohort

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The Kallah Cohort!

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Week 1: The Mysterious Male Brain (November 10)

Week 2: Design Your Shana Rishona (November 17)

Week 3: Master Your Mind (November 24)

Week 4: Old Beliefs and A New Model (December 1)

Week 5: Unconditional Love (December 8)

Week 6: Resentment & Self Care (December 15)

All calls are conducted via phone (9 PM Israel Time, 2 PM Eastern) and recorded for those who can't listen live.

(This program is ideal for women in their first year of marriage, but we have had participants married all the way up to 20 years take and benefit from this material!)

If you aren't sure if it's right for you, or you have any questions, you can email me at and I'll be happy to help.


"I can not recommend Kayla and this course enough! I want every couple to have access to this information and her way of teaching. Kayla offers you incredibly helpful and wise relationship advice that is evidence based. She delivers the information in a super digestible way. There is no question that is off limits. No judgement, no shaming, no embarrassment. The classes are helpful and EMPOWERING and fun! Even if your relationship is already great, she helps you empower yourself to see how it could be even better and stronger. Why wouldn't you want that? The classes are clear and to the point and rich with information to help you do the work to make your life and relationships even better. Honestly, the class is great for any couple to work on their marriage, but it is especially powerful for people that come from divorced parents (like myself). With Kayla's guidance and information, I felt empowered to questions my beliefs about what makes a relationship work so I could find my own way that would work for me. I can't thank her enough or recommend this course enough! You will not regret signing up!"


"Before I took this course I was not in a good place in my brand new marriage. I was struggling with the thought that if my first three months of marriage was so hard, the rest of my life was going to be miserable. After taking this course I learned that I should challenge my beliefs and control my own emotions. I learned how men think differently than women and that it a beautiful thing. I was able to take complete control of my own thoughts and happiness. I approached my marriage differently and tried to understand my husband on a better level. This not only improved my own happiness in my marriage, but my husband's as well. I can now gladly say that I look forward to a happy and healthy marriage."

Rebecca C

“It’s like having a personal trainer for your life!! It’s incredible! For me it’s been about taking control of my life, making smart goals and having someone to hold me accountable, be a cheerleader, source of inspiration, and really the sound of reason. She gives me confidence to believe in myself again. We all have an idea of what we want our lives to look like… Kayla will help you take that picture and make it a reality!”

Katie H

"Kayla is very passionate about coaching and she has a wealth of information and knowledge on how men and women work and communicate on an emotional level. Talking to Kayla allowed me to step outside the cyclical discussions with my husband in order to observe them from a different perspective. She helped me decode certain male behaviors that women tend to misinterpret and vice-versa. This was incredibly helpful to break the communication barriers that can deteriorate a marriage relationship in the long term.”


"Kayla's passion for coaching, marriage and love are contagious! She has an incredible perspective to offer on making a marriage work and the tool kit she gives in this course is invaluable!"


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